Hits and Misses at the AMA’s

AMA’s hits and misses on the Red Carpet

It was a night out on the town for singers and actors alike last night. With the 40th annual AMA’s the celebrities were out looking their best. Well, most of them were looking their best. As always, there were hits and there were misses, and as always someone will be firing their stylist.

Up first on the chopping block is the beloved Justin Beiber. While his songs may make thousands of girls scream “baby” his clothing choices last night made people scream “baby baby baby oh why oh why are you wearing that?” It seems to me that someone is trying to change his rep from “soft Canadian who is loved by 12 year old girls” to “hard core rapper who sings love songs.” His red carpet outfit was definitely NOT red carpet ready. If it hadn’t been for his saggy “diaper” jeans his outfit might have been okay, but only okay. Then there was his outfit while he preformed. His black wife beater, paired with his red pants, and red shoes was a huge miss. I’m sorry to say Justin, you just don’t have the face to be hard core. In the future maybe Justin should call the boys from The Wanted, because all of their outfits were hits. And if he can’t take a hint from them, maybe he should look at what the Backstreet Boys were wearing, because they too were hits. With jackets, ties, and bow ties, these boy bands kept the red carpet looking fresh with their dapper ensembles.

However, the Backstreet Boys and The Wanted weren’t the only ones on spot last night with their outfits. Carrie Underwood looked fabulous last night. She was rocking a floor length purple dress that accentuated her shape and worked perfectly with her skin tone. The dress was girly, yet it was sophisticated and sexy. Carrie will definitely be at the top of the best dressed list. Up there with Carrie was, surprisingly, Nicki Minaj. Instead of her usual crazy ensembles paired with a crazy wig, Nicki classed it up last night. She wore a lime green floor length dress that looked absolutely stunning on her. Sadly, not all the stars from last night were looking their finest. While Christina Aguilera can hit any note, her downfall last night  was her spray tan. Now I know Christina works very hard and I know that she is probably very tired, but you should NEVER fall asleep while getting a spray tan, which it looks like she did. While she has been getting mixed reviews about her body hugging outfits that show off her new curves, she says that she loves her new body and that the gossip is just noise that she drowns out right away. Good job Christina for standing up for yourself!

So all in all, last night was a star studded event and a night to remember. I can hardly wait for the Golden Globes!

Always remember to look your best, because you never know who you will meet!

~ Nora Kae