My Eleven Rules of Fashion

  1. Never, ever, ever, under no circumstance wear socks with sandals. Never. No questions asked.
  2. No crocs.
  3. Do not wear the Louboutin in vain.
  4. Always dress the part.
  5. Dress your age.
  6. Wear the size that FITS you. It’ll end up looking better.
  7. When in doubt match opposites.
  8. Spend time picking out your shoes and bag. They can make or break the outfit.
  9. Use accessories to your advantage. They’re like the icing to the cake so don’t overdo it. 
  10. Makeup is a part of fashion. Make it count, and mix it up! Nobody likes to wear the same dress 5 days in a row so why wear the same makeup 5 days in a row?
  11. Beauty is pain. 

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